Bags for


When we first started talking about the 5p bag levy, Booths were aware that they had to do something to change their existing range of carriers and minimise customer irritation. They understood that some sort of higher value bag for life would have to be created but didn't know what form that should take. 


When we started to think about this laterally, a fantastic opportunity presented itself. The shopping bag has always been treated as a brand icon. Traditionally this has happened at the high end but in the past five years, other retailers have managed to create real customer affection and tribalism for their brands through their bags. Just think of all those Daunt Books bags slung over the shoulders of the would-be literati. We decided to do this for Booths: make a range of fabric bags that become icons of the brand rather than just being things to put shopping in. So the beautifully coloured, Northern punning bags were born. 


The power of the bag has gone further than we ever thought. In real demonstration of the commercial power of good design, the bags have become a revenue stream in their own right, becoming one of Booths's most profitable lines and giving us a Design Effectiveness Award in 2017. You can read the entry by clicking on the pdf button below.

cumbria bag.jpg