Christmas comes but once a year


And if you’re a retailer like Booths, famous for quality food and drink, you have to make the most of it.


Our three year journey, creating the Booths Christmas book was prompted by just this awareness. Booths wanted to exploit their traditional Christmas trading spike and really own the festive season, not just in the North-West where their stores are based, but nationwide. 


Our response to this brief was to create something uniquely theirs. Whilst other retailers were spending millions on the digital and multimedia spaces, we went super-analogue and turned a traditional Christmas brochure into a sumptuous, 200 page book of gastronomic temptations. We wanted customers to spend quality time with the book, be seduced by its glorious imagery and keep it long after the festive frolics were over. 


With its beautiful photography, illustrated covers, high production values and recipes, the book became a national benchmark for Christmas communications, a customer favourite and a way of ensuring that sales and profits rose year on year. 

2016-booths-christmas-book copy.jpg