the label

Own label is the holy grail of food retailers. Get it right and sales, customer awareness and margins can swell. It is little wonder, therefore, that when Booths were looking at their brand strategy, an important part of the project was given over to addressing their own label range.


Own label at Booths had been developed organically, but without a clear strategic goal. Its penetration throughout the store was ad hoc, with some categories bursting with own label and some inexplicably devoid of it. The packaging and branding was inconsistent and it did not look and feel anywhere near as good as it actually was.


We developed an overall strategy for own label to reflect Booths business realities; a single tier of excellent quality products that reflect customers’ expectations of the Booths retail brand. The creative strategy too reflected this reality. With minimal budgets, we needed impactful, graphic solutions for packs that spoke of quality, difference and gave a unique Booths twist to the products. 


The project lasted three years and took us from simple chilled products to much more complex ranges like wine and ready meals. The results were fantastic for Booths. The percentage volume increase attributable to own label in the 2015 financial year rose by 73% and the percentage of sales rose by 61%. Beyond this, own label won real acceptance with buyers and suppliers and was finally able to play a major role in the Booths assortment in store.


The project won us Gold at the 2017 Design Effectiveness Awards and you can read more about it by clicking on the pdf link below.