Wines and ports

Back to their roots

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When it comes to branding, wine is a notoriously perilous area for own label retailers: balancing the visual language of your own brand with the language of wine, not to mention the visual cues of individual wine regions demands subtlety and nuance. Add to this the perennial perception that customers don’t want a supermarket logo on their table at dinner and you have a tricky project on your hands. Booths were only too aware of this when they asked us to look at their award-winning range of wines, ports and fizz and challenged us to come up with a solution that was elegant, enticing and commercially successful. 


We found the answer in a happy mash-up of Booths’ heritage, their excellent reputation and expertise as a wine retailer and in the wider corporate identity we had designed for them. In a flash of inspiration, we used their formal corporate logo and lion crest, and shifted the visual cues of the labels from supermarket to wine merchant, creating a range that even the fussiest customer could be proud of. With this anchor in place, we used colour and graphics to give the individual varieties in the range their own identity, whilst still feel part of a well-selected family. 




The redesign had some fabulous result, particularly with the premium wines. 

In year on year figures from 2016 to 2017, we saw the following sales increases:

Chablis 162% 

Rioja      147% 

Bordeaux Rouge 46%


Most spectacular was the redesigned

Vintage Port whose Christmas 2016

volume sales saw a 


increase on the previous year.


The powerful new own label range also contributed to Booths being awarded the coveted Decanter magazine supermarket of the year in 2017.

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