Harrods Champagne 

Fizzing with fabulousness  

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Anyone who has visited Harrods's fabulous wine department will know what an Aladdin's cave of delights it is. The assortment, the environment and the super-knowledgable experts make it all world-leading.


With this in mind, we were asked to design Harrods's range of own label Champagnes, with a clear brief to make sure they more than held their own alongside some of the most famous brands in the world that have had the time and investment to grow their iconic looks.



Our approach was a reinvention of a classic Harrods motif, the peacock tiling that has decked the Food Halls from their Art Nouveau conception to the 2017 redesign.


The peacock feather becomes the label itself, giving a unique shape, real presence and bags of character. We wanted to play on Harrods's visual heritage to make it feel like the design had always been there, a design classic that exudes the confidence and style needed to take on the great Champagne houses of the world.

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