Harvey Nichols Chocolate 

Raising the bar for chocolate chic.

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When Harvey Nichols got together with award-winning cocoa maestro, Aneesh Popat,  “the Heston Blumenthal of the chocolate world” to create a range of six heavenly chocolate bars, the packaging design needed to raise the bar to new heights.

We like to think that what we've come up with is simply gorgeous! Bold colour meets chocolate tones, giving a hint of what’s inside, while embossed gold shapes summon Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Golden Ticket. Rather than a traditional box shape, this newly engineered pack is more like a delectable Gucci clutch and even the bar itself is moulded in HN shapes. Rather than breaking off a square of chocolate, you can have half an ‘N’ or, if you're feeling cheeky, a whole ‘H’.

Characteristically cheeky copy presents the bars as an intriguing family. Which one will you have? The Milky Childhood Favourite One, the Moodiest, Most Mysterious One, the Naughty But Nice, Caramel One or the Silkiest, Milkiest, Meltiest One? 

We say don't dither about. Have them all!

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