Harvey Nichols


Because everyone likes it a bit saucy, Matron

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Condiments is such a dreary word for those marvellous bottles of joy that bring spice, excitement and, frankly a bit of oomph to your supper.


So when Harvey Nichols developed a new range of their own, that was brighter-coloured, punchier-flavoured, more attitude-full and idiosyncratic that the usual, we knew what we had to call them: Saucy by nature, so obviously, Saucy by name. 

The design is saucy too. Simple, sexy bottles with curves in all the right places and a skimpy black number of label so you can see what's on the inside. 

The naughty little things hit the stores last month and a flying off the shelves like hot, well, sauces. 

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