Harvey Nichols


Whisky that makes them frisky

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An English whisky maker, a Burgundian oak cask and a long wait produced this incredible small batch 12 year old whisky. In Norfolk. About as far away from the whisky's traditional Celtic heartland as you can get.


It's Harvey Nichols! Of course it's out of the ordinary. Especially given the fact that this was their first ever own label whisky. 



A uniquely revolutionary product demanded a uniquely revolutionary answer. The bottles are hand labelled and individually signed and numbered and get supremely special treatment with an exquisite box and a luscious tactile label.



Both the dram and the packaging have been loved by the press and by Harvey Nichols whisky drinkers alike. This first foray into high end whisky has been so successful that we are now talking with buyers about further forays into the wonderful world of premium spirits. There will be more to come.

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