Harvey Nichols

Wine Collection

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Working with small producers who display the same irreverent spirit as themselves, Harvey Nichols’ wine collection is a blockbusting tour of the globe. To fit in with the rest of the reinvention happening on the Fifth Floor, the wine collection needed a fearlessly stylish design solution that went further than any wine labels had gone before. 


In giving the wine collection a strong, overarching Harvey Nichols look, we have pushed the boundaries and accepted principles of wine design about as far as they can go.  The abstracted HN monogram becomes an iconic label shape that is totally unique, has real punch and fantastic presence on line and on shelf. With unorthodox copy that brims with Harvey Nichols’ characteristic attitude, the work really rewrites the rules for the visual and verbal language of wine. With no illustrated château in sight, this is the fun, feisty, fabulous side of wine. 


The new wine designs are being launched throughout 2020. They've been a hit online and anecdotally, they're flying off the newly reopened shelves. Check back for something more scientific when we have it.

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