We give advice and do creative work for ambitious businesses that want to change

We work with famous brands to unearth a direction for your business and an aesthetic that makes you relevant and adored in our maddeningly overloaded visual world.

Idiosyncratic and a little unorthodox, but certainly experienced enough help get you where you want to be, Smith &+ Village is a creative partnership that brings a different perspective to your boardroom table. 

We advise top teams at interesting companies with their identity and branding questions, particularly tricky ones that involve a big decisions, interesting changes and new directions. We help them think clearly, find a strong aesthetic sense of themselves and create ways for them to express themselves cohesively, desirably and successfully, in whatever they do. 

We are a small partnership and we have a short list of clients we adore.


If you feel we can help and would like to join that list, we would love to talk to you

any questions

Smith & Village

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