Chateau Maris

Blushing Nymphe

Precious in pink

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An impeccable pedigree, a great winemaker, organic grapes and a taste that would make the angels sigh. Blushing Nymphe is a hand made rosé, specifically produced for wine afficionados that know and love their stuff. When the winery approached us, they knew the packaging needed a deft touch and a level of sophistication that avoided the usual rosé clichés.





We immediately felt that Blushing Nymphe was something to be treasured and adored. Rather than just being another wine, we felt its style was closer to a fine perfume so that's where we took our cues. Pared back packaging and fine finishes adorn a bottle with a faceted base that sparkles in the ice. We surrounded this delicate bottle with historical etchings and polaroid style snaps that seem innocent at first, but when you look carefully, might make you blush too.

Nymphe bottle.png