Simkins was London’s first specialist Media and Entertainment law firm and it continues to lead the field in that area of practice. Its lawyers are sharper than a box of knives and its client list reads like the nominations of the Oscars, Tonys and Emmys run together. They are an extremely impressive bunch.

We’ve been working with them since 2016. They had spent years struggling with a logo that did them no favours and an approach to brand and identity that was negligible, so we have created a visual representation of the firm that does justice to their intellectual and commercial excellence. To put it simply, we have made them look as good as their legal prowess demands.


The new identity is contemporary, elegant, smart and engaging. With a focus on the firm’s people, it highlights the individual expertise and collective strength that they bring to their work. Working with one of our favourite photographers, Mischa Haller, we have given the lawyers a strength and an attitude more reminiscent of the public figures they so often represent. 

front group cut.jpg